Updated on 12/24/2019
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DoubleCAD User Manual : Stretch
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Moves a group of nodes of one or more objects by defining a movement vector.

  1. Drag a selection window from right to left around the elements you want to stretch. Be careful to only select nodes that you want to move. If you select an entire segment (line or arc) or and entire object it will be moved and not stretched..

  2. Right click and select Finish
  3. Select two points to define the movement vector, or enter the length and angle in the Inspector Bar.

The selected nodes move by the defined vector.
Local menu option:
Multiple: If this option is selected the stretch tool will continue to operate until you press ESC or select another tool.
PickAdd: If this option is on you can add objects to the selection simply by clicking on them, and you have to hold down Shift to deselect objects. If this option is off you have to hold down the Shift key or de-select to select additional objects.
Displacement: If this option is selected the node or object will be displaced by the UCS X and Y value of the point you select. For example if you click on the coordinate X= -10 and Y= 5 the displacement will be -10 in the X axis and 5 in the Y axis.