Updated on 12/24/2019
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DoubleCAD User Manual : Publish as HTML
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DoubleCAD User Manual : Publish as HTML

Available in DoubleCAD Pro only
Enables you to export your drawing as an HTML file. You can export the whole drawing or any of its workspaces.

Save: Select the folder path or click the arrow button to browse. The *.htm file will be created in this folder, as well as two subfolders to store the graphic images for Paper and Model Spaces.
Publish: Click to publish the selected workspaces to HTML.
Format: Sets the export format associated with each workspace. Click the column to open the format list. You can choose from *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.wrl, *.dwf, and *.mtx.

Note: To display *.wrl and *.dwf formats, you need to have an application that will transfer such drawings to your Internet browser. Otherwise you may receive a warning message.

Layout: Click the column to open the format list, and select either Default or Custom. If Custom is selected, you can define the custom layout after clicking Publish.
View in Browser: Launches the default Internet browser to show the HTML you created.
All spaces in one page: All selected workspaces will be placed on the same HTML page.
Add full sized image: The graphic will be created with the settings defined in the Maximum size in pixels control group of the Options dialog.
Options: Opens the Publish to HTML Options window.