General program options, such as cursor shape, axis color, zoom factor, and display of coordinate system icons.

Coordinate system icon: You can choose to display the UCS and/or WCS. For both, you can set the color of the axes and size of the icon. For the WCS, select the corner of the screen where it will be displayed.
*Drawing cursor:*
Cursor Shape: Select one of the three shapes provided.
*Show crosshairs:* Overrides the normal cursor, displaying a screenwide horizontal and vertical line intersecting at the cursor position.
*Show Isometric:* Overrides the normal cursor, displaying all three axes.
*S. Aperture is used while snapping, to detect objects.

Note: You can also use the Cursor menu to change the cursor display.

*Zo. The default zoom step setting is 2, meaning that zooming in doubles the size. See Zooming.
*Fixed relative origin:* If checked, the relative origin will be fixed while in relative or polar coordinates. If you need to relocate the origin, it must be done manually. See Relative Coordinates and Polar Coordinates.
*Geometric select edit:* If checked, objects will be selected by their geometric extents, rather than their cosmetic extents. This permits geometrically accurate scaling of objects like double lines and lines that have nonzero width. See Geometric and Cosmetic Select Modes.
Use Choice if several entities in aperture while selection: If more than object lies within the aperture area during a selection, a small window appears from which you can select the desired object.
Undo/Redo depth: Sets the number of operations stored in the Undo buffer.
Include Model / Paper space switch in Undo buffer: If checked, switching between Model and Paper spaces will be included in the Undo buffer.
Old style text output: Revert to the text display feature of older versions of DoubleCAD.