Updated on 12/24/2019
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DoubleCAD User Manual : Measuring Distance
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Measures the distance between two points, the cumulative length between additional points, or the length of entire objects (perimeter).

  1. Select two points to define the distance you want to measure.

    The distance and deltas in X and Y are listed in the Measurement Info Palette.

  2. If needed, continue selecting points. The outline of selected segments is indicated by a thick line.

    The first listed measurement is the total length of segments. The second group of measurements relate to the first and last points - in this case, Point 1 and Point 3. The last group applies to the last segment only (Point 2 to Point 3).

  3. Continue selecting points, in order, to determine the perimeter of the object.

    Note: If you want to obtain the measurements of curved objects, you need to use the local menu options.
    Local menu options: 
    By Entity: Enables you to select two or more objects to determine their total length.

  4. Select the first object.

  5. Select the second object. The total length is calculated based on the shortest line connecting the two endpoints.

    Note: When selecting objects, be sure to click close to the desired start point. If you select close to the wrong end, you may obtain an incorrect measurement.

  6. Select additional objects if needed. The total distance, deltas between the first and last points, and data for the last segment are listed in the Measurement Info Palette.

    Single Entity: Measures the distance of a single object.

  7. Select the desired object.

    The total distance and data deltas between the first and last points are listed in the Measurement Info Palette.

  8. If you select another object, the data from the first object disappears, and is replaced by that for the new object.