Updated on 12/24/2019
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DoubleCAD User Manual : Local Menu
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The local menu, sometimes called the context menu, popup menu or context-sensitive menu, is opened by right-clicking the mouse. The contents of this menu differ depending on where you right-click, and in which tool you are working.

Note: You can customize the contents of the local menu via Tools / Customize. See Customize Popup Toolbars.

When working in a tool, options on the local menu also appear in the Inspector Bar. See Inspector Bar.
In addition to customizing local menu items, you can add popup toolbars - icons that will appear each time you open the local menu. See Customize Popup Toolbars.

The following items are found on most local menus:
Cancel: Cancels the current operation, and exits without completing.
Undo: Undoes the last operation and return to the previous condition. The last operation is displayed here.
Redo: Reverses Undo.
Properties: Opens the Properties window. See Object Properties.
Local Snap: Sets the snap mode for the next point only. See Snaps and Snap Modes.