DoubleCAD User Manual : Inserting a Symbol from the Library into the Drawing

This section explains inserting symbols, which are standard DoubleCAD objects saved as their own files.

Note: For inserting parametric parts, see Inserting a Parametric Part from the Library.

  1. For an example of a symbol, open the "Fasteners" folder. Click on one of the symbols, and the Description tab at the bottom shows the name and location of the symbol's file.

  2. There are three ways to insert a symbol. You can click and drag the symbol from the palette to the drawing. Or you can double-click the symbol thumbnail. Or you can click the Insert Symbol icon.

    The symbol appears in the drawing, in Select Edit mode.

  3. In the Selection Info palette, you can see that the symbol is grouped. If you want to edit the symbol, you first need to Explode it.