DoubleCAD User Manual : Imprint with Chamfer or Fillet

You can add a chamfer or fillet to the top or bottom of the imprint.

Note: For details on these edge tools, see Fillet Edges and Chamfer Edges.

  1. Start with a solid object with one or more profiles on one facet. Activate Imprint and select the facet that will be imprinted.

  2. In this example, Auto Detect is selected. When the last two options are set to Normal Top and Normal bottom, the imprint edges will be sharp.

  3. To fillet or chamfer, click the option icons to set them to Fillet Top / Bottom or Chamfer Top / Bottom. Clicking repeatedly will scroll through the options. In this example, the bottom has a chamfer, and the top has a fillet.

  4. Set the Top radius and Bottom radius.

  5. Select and extrude the profile. The top is filleted and the bottom is chamfered.

  6. You can edit all parameters of the imprint, including changing or removing fillets and chamfers, in Selection Info palette.