DoubleCAD User Manual : Imprint Auto Detect

Adds or subtracts the extrusion of the closed profile to/from the solid, depending on which direction the profile is extruded.

  1. Start with a solid object with one or more profiles on one facet. Activate Imprint and select the facet that will be imprinted.

  2. Make sure Auto Detect is selected. In this example, the last two options in the Inspector Bar have no blend (fillet or chamfer).

  3. Select the closed profile. If you want to select more than one profile, press the Shift key.

  4. Pull the profiles away from the solid, and click to create the imprint, or enter a Height in the Inspector Bar. Because the extrusion direction was outward, the extrusions were added to the solid.

  5. If you Undo and recreate the imprint, pushing into the solid this time, the extrusions will be subtracted from the solid.