DoubleCAD User Manual : Design Director- Workplanes

Enables you to manipulate and create new workplanes. See Workplanes.
To create a new workplane, select Create New in the Design Director toolbar or local menu.
When Workplanes is selected in the upper pane of the Design Director, all workplanes you saved using Set Named Workplane (see Saving and Recalling WorkPlanes) will appear in the lower pane. The lower pane contains the following options:

Active: Sets the workplane as active; all inserted objects will be located or based on this workplane. Also indicates the workplane for a selected object or tool.
View by WorkPlane: Sets the view normal to the workplane (workplane is against the screen).
Position: The point that represents the UCS origin. See 3D Coordinate Systems.
XVector: The point that defines the direction of the X-axis in the UCS.
Up Vector: The point that defines the direction of the Z-axis of the UCS.