Combines all selected objects into a group. This tool is available on the Groups and Blocks toolbar, or on the icon in the Drawing Tools.

  1. Create the objects you want to combine into a group. Each object is initially separate, as you can see in Select mode.

  2. Select all the objects you want to include.
  3. Click the *Cr.
  4. If Auto-naming is not used, you must assign the group name.

    The group is created, and the objects are now selected as one object.

    Note: The new group will be placed on Layer 0 if its components are originally on different layers. See Snap Modes. If you explode a group, the objects will return to their original layers. Layer 0 should always be left visible, or newly created groups will instantly "disappear."
    If you open the Selection Info Palette, you can view the contents and properties of a selected group.

    You can highlight any component of the group to view its individual properties as well.